Bioinformatics in Vaccine Design

Bioinformatics can help us in designing vaccines. And in generally vaccine design require a time period of 5 to 15 years but with the help of bioinformatics tool, we can shorten the timeline down to 1 to 2 years. EpiToolKit is a virtual workbench for immunological questions with a focus on vaccine design. It offers an array of immune informatics tools covering MHC genotyping, epitope and neo-epitope prediction, epitope selection for vaccine design, and epitope assembly. The bioinformatics methods of sequence analysis are used to reveal the most prospective proteins or protein fragments of infectious agents as candidates for vaccine design. In these studies, the specialized molecular immunology databases are widely used. The new approach could help in designing vaccines against diseases where traditional methods are not successful. Computationally methods used in vaccine design are these years changing drastically. In classical immunological research results could be recorded by pen and pencil or in a spreadsheet, but new experimental high-throughput methods such as sequencing, DNA arrays, and proteomics have generated a wealth of data that are not efficiently handled and mined by these approaches. Vaccines Design has been used against infectious disease, so it is basically required a revolution in the approach to vaccine design and development. Particular vaccines are involved to act against specific diseases.

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