Advances in Vaccine Delivery Technologies

There is currently intense research activity aimed at the development of new delivery systems for vaccines. The goal is to identify optimal methods for presenting target antigens to the immune system in a manner that will elicit immune responses appropriate for protection against, or treatment of, a specific disease. Vaccine technology has evolved significantly in the last decade, profoundly changing the future of vaccine development. The discovery of vaccines has provided safety against several important diseases and has had a great impact on health for a relatively low cost. Vaccine adjuvants - is an ingredient of a vaccine that helps to create a stronger immunization in the patient’s body. In other words, adjuvants help vaccines work better. Some vaccines prepared from weakened or dead microbes will contain naturally occurring adjuvants and it will help the body to produce a strong protective immunization. Vaccine delivery systems are engineered technologies for the targeted delivery and/or controlled release of therapeutic agents to fight against the pathogens. Vaccination has long been used to improve immunization and extend lives. The practice of vaccine delivery has changed dramatically in the last few decades and even greater changes are anticipated in the near future. Synthetic vaccines, genomic analysis of disease and their vaccine response, structure-based antigen design, and nanotech delivery systems are just a few of the realization of this effort. The tagged adjuvants/carrier also improves cellular and humoral immune responses against the antigen by their physiochemical properties.

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