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Platform technologies for modern vaccine manufacturing

Date :
25 March 2017
Author Name :
Hayley K.Charlton Hume
Affliation :
The University Of Queensland, Protein Expression Facility, St Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia
Source :

Platform technologies for modern vaccine manufacturing

Hayley K.Charlton Hume and his team have discussed on Modern Vaccine Manufacturein the article entitled Platform technologies for modern vaccine manufacturing. This article was published in Journal “Vaccines” under the section Modern vaccine manufacturepublished on 25 March 2017.

Improved understanding of antigenic components and their interaction with the immune system, as supported by computational tools, permits a sophisticated approach to modern vaccine design. Vaccine platforms provide an effective tool by which strategically designed peptide and protein antigens are modularized to enhance their immunogenicity. These modular vaccine platforms can overcome issues faced by traditional vaccine manufacturing and have the potential to generate safe vaccines, rapidly and at a low cost. This review introduces two promising platforms based on virus-like particle and liposome, and discusses the methodologies and challenges.

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